Time2scrap Llc Unique Scrapbooking Page Kits

How much do your kits cost?   

The price of each kit is $15 (sales tax due if a New York State sale).  

What does each page kit include?   

Unless otherwise noted, each kit will create a double-page layout--each side measuring 12 X 12".   All papers, embellishments, and titles shown in the visual representation on my website---as well as a 4 x 6 color photo of the layout and an easy-to-read typed instruction sheet are included in the kit.  

In most cases, minimal cutting is required and rarely any pattern tracing and cutting.  Most photo mats are pre-measured and pre-cut.  Certain kits offer several possibilities for photo sizes.  In those cases, you will be provided with ample paper to cut mats that fit your PERSONAL choice of photos.  Occasionally some “shadow cutting” may be necessary (cutting a mat that is slightly larger than the pre-cut layer provided in the kit).  This just requires your personal cutter and that you be consistent in the amount of background mat you are cutting for each layer.  

My kits are pre-packaged in a specific way that simplifies their assembly.  Each shipment will include a copy of instructions that—when followed as you initially open your kit to work on it—will separate it into “left side” and “right side” components.  I always have you remove the left side components first.  Once that half is completed, everything left in the plastic sleeve will be used to complete the right half.

NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR KIT:   adhesive, glue dots, chipboard/foam tape, Stickles, Chalk ink pads, Gelly Roll Pens or any other pens used for finishing decorative touches

How difficult are your kits?
My kits are appropriate for intermediate and experienced level scrapbookers for the most part.  The instructions are comprehensive and as clear as I can make them.  I go through many readings before printing them and attempt at each reading to clarify my wording so that it is not misleading.  My goal is to reduce stress for you so that you have a positive scrapbooking experience. 

On the other hand, my kits are usually not simplistic.   There are multiple layers and I call for a lot of “inking”.  If you are just starting out in scrapbooking, you may not want to attempt one of my kits right away.  I would like to think (and past students verify) that the finished layout is well worth the extra time involved—especially considering each page is something that you and your family will take delight in viewing through the years to come.

To Ink or Not to Ink?
Almost all kits I design call for “inking”.  The photos of the kits I produce that you see on this website will reflect “inking”.  In my opinion, it gives needed dimension and adds immeasurably to the “finished” look of the layout.  In most cases, I use Fluid Chalk Cat’s Eye Ink Pads by Colorbox.  The kit you purchase will NOT include the ink pads.  The kit WILL tell you the colors of the inks I used.  In many cases you can use a similar color if you do not have the identical one OR you can choose NOT to ink the edges.  Some people do not want that look—and it does take more time.  It is a personal decision.

 Do I have to make the lay out exactly as pictured?
Absolutely NOT.  I have seen so many wonderful variations on kits I have designed that I realize most of you could be doing MY job!!!  Feel free to use the kit you purchase and adapt it in any way that suits your purposes and tastes.
Are your page kits acid-free?
I use only the highest quality products in my page kits.  It is entirely possible that an embellishment  used may not be acid and lignin free.  I am not a purist about this because I normally do NOT allow embellishments to directly touch my photos.   I actually own (but seldom if ever use)  a spray-on product called “Preserve It” by Krylon.  Your local craft store should sell this product if you feel it is necessary.   

Do you ever restock any sold out kits?
No, I’m sorry to say.  Because I am am such a small business, I design and package as many kits as I have paper to make.  Once that particular kit is sold out, I have no more paper to make up additional kits---even if there is call for them.

Do you sell at any shows?
Yes, whenever possible during the "fair weather" months of April through November.  When this happens, it will be noted in the monthly newsletter sent out on the lst of each month to Time2Scrap customers.

 What if my kit is missing something?

--My first response is to ask you to PLEASE follow the directions provided in your shipment that explain HOW TO OPEN YOUR KIT and begin      

-- My second request is that your work area be cleared off when you start your kit---which avoids things getting buried or obscured by "clutter".
-- My third suggestion is to check the floor---so many times in moving the papers around the work area,  smaller pieces get knocked off OR  
--Also remember that some papers are double sided---take a look at the flip side of your papers. 
--If all this fails to turn up the missing piece, contact me in any one of the ways given in the Contact Me section of this website and I will do
   whatever I can to remedy the situation.

What is your shipping policy?
You will be charged the USPS flat rate shipping amount which is based on the weight and destination of your particular order.  Weight varies  from kit to kit and—of course—the number of kits in the shipment will affect cost.
If you order 5 or more kits at the same time, shipping is free within the contiguous United States!  Canadian friends--please contact me prior to ordering about shipping policy.

We make every attempt to ship within 48 hours of receiving your order.  If there is a temporary disruption in shipping times, it will be noted on the home page of this website.  

What is your return policy?
Returns are not accepted.  If there is any problem with your kit, please contact me within one week of receiving your order.  Your satisfaction is my top priority.   Even though I am a small business and package all my kits myself, mistakes are bound to be made.  I also can not control what happens once I deliver it to the post office.  Please contact me immediately if you have any concerns upon receiving your order. 

Do you share my private information?
Any information you provide is used only to fulfill your order and for payment.  I do not share it with any 3rd party.

Frequently Asked Questions