Scrapbooking Ideas

General Kit Directions

All Time2Scrap kits are packaged in a way that will make YOUR life easier if you keep the following in mind when beginning work:

The left side of the layout is facing you when you look at the kit and see the directions and photo.   All kit directions begin with the left half of the layout.    

  • After opening the plastic sleeve, remove ONLYthe instruction sheet and insert a blank scrap of paper in place of the directions you just removed.
  • Read the directions just far enough to know which 12 X 12 papers will be used as the background for both the left AND right sides of the finished layout.
  • Locate these two sheets of paper within the clear plastic bag.  (They will normally be towards the middle of the bag and should be back to back.)
  • Carefully reach into the clear plastic bag, placing the flat of your hand between these two 12 x 12 sheets of paper and having the flat facing towards the side that has the scrap piece of paper you put in the kit in place of the original directions. 
  • Tilt the clear plastic bag to a more horizontal position with the scrap paper facing up.  Carefully lift out everything from where your hand is placed to the scrap piece of paper.    Layered papers are packaged in order from front to back---so keep them in that order when removing from plastic bag.  It will make your life easier.  Place everything just removed on your work area.  You now have the left half of your layout ready to work on.

I would advise leaving the right half of the layout in the plastic sleeve until you are ready to work on it.

In most cases, embellishments for the entire layout are in the same baggie you have just withdrawn from the original plastic sleeve.

If there were any miscellaneous partial papers between the two 12 x 12 background sheets, consult the directions to see how they will be used.

If you feel there is a problem with the directions OR if you are missing part of your kit, please go the Contact Me section of this website and choose one of the options there.  I will get back to you as soon as possible to correct the problem.

I hope you enjoy BOTH the process of creating this layout and the finished product.  It will, of course, not reach its full potential until you add the photos of your loved ones. 

 Please check back often to see the latest kits available.  Thank you for choosing to crop with Time2Scrap,LLC. kits!